Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Romantic journey of Lynne and Bert

Imagine. . .
You are in Paris with your lover.

He is working with the Mariah Carey tour. (Imagine!)

You are staying in Pablo Picasso's Paris apartment. (Wow!)

You decide to get married back in your hometown. (Aw)

You plan an intimate family gathering from across the U.S. and Canada. (Sweet!)

You ask me to photograph your intimate wedding (Ok, that is a shameless plug, but hey, I love this job!)

Bert and Lynne met in Las Vegas - which is where they currently live - and discovered that they had both gone to Cheyenne Mountain High School in Colorado Springs! 

They discovered that they had attended during the same years! 

They came to realize they had lockers just across the hall from each other! 

How had they never met before? 

Well, further investigation shows that Bert was in the "Artsy Fartsy" crowd; while Lynne was in the Cheerleader crowd. They reasoned they simply didn''t take note of each other. Such is the high school life (sigh). 

Bert works with Las Vegas acts, and Lynne describes herself as his"groupie". They were actually engaged in Paris, while Bert was travelling with the Mariah Carey show and staying in Pablo Picasso's Paris apartment. How is THAT for romance?

And so we gathered from around the country and on into Canada. We gathered in lovely weather (for February) at the historic Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs. We gathered for the wedding of Bert and Lynne. 

Lynne shares a laugh with her mother and sister.

Bert shares a laugh with "the guys." (does the period go inside or outside the quote marks?)

Bert's family is French-Canadian, so there was LOTS of wonderful expressiveness :)

As guests gathered downstairs, I caught a few moments of Lynne as she waited.

Bob Thomas (Lynne's father) giving a short and touching toast.

As the night deepened, and the families laughed away, we slipped outside for a picture with the lights - they were engaged in Paris (City of Lights) after all; right?

Congratulations Lynne and Bert!


  1. Aw, the love story gives me butterflies, and your work is stunning as usual!